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CIMA® Certification Exam Workshop

Prepare for the CIMA® Certification Exam with online and in-person workshops.

The 2018 Workshop Series has concluded. Please check back for 2019 Workshop dates.

Are you looking for a way to structure and focus your study for the Certification Exam (CE)? Do you learn best through live interaction and practice? This series will help you prepare for the CE by giving you a solid understanding of the material rather than having you simply memorize concepts.  It is an approach with a proven track record: over 85% of candidates who have studied at Chicago Booth have earned their CIMA.

Please note that this workshop is a study resource for the Certification Exam. It does not satisfy the education requirement in the CIMA certification process.

Select from three formats to fit your schedule and preferred method of study:


Key Features:

  • Study schedule.Fixed workshop dates help structure your study and keep it on track.
  • Ten live workshops, each focusing on separate components of CIMA exam content. Workshops cover theory, application, and practice.
  • Highly interactive. Apply concepts in real-time and get your questions answered during each session.
  • Video recordings. Download and permanently store workshop videos on your computer for unlimited review.
  • Online community. Ask questions and communicate with the faculty and other participants in between sessions.
  • Access to numerous practice problems.
  • 15 hours of live instruction.



The 2018 Workshop Series has concluded. Please check back for 2019 Workshop dates.


Key Features:

  • Two-day workshop in downtown Chicago, focusing on the main components of CIMA exam content. Go through practice problems, the CIMA formula sheet, and get your remaining questions answered.
  • Accelerated crash course. An opportunity to get your head “back in the game” to review all of the material before taking the exam in November.
  • Highly interactive. Apply concepts in real-time, interact with faculty, and network with classmates.
  • Numerous practice problems provided.
  • 12 hours of live instruction, snacks, and light meals included.


The 2018 Workshop Series has concluded. Please check back for 2019 Workshop dates.

Gleacher Center
450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60611



Key Features:

  • Complete access to the online and in-person workshops. For a comprehensive learning experience.
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Kathleen Fitzgerald

Adjunct Associate Professor of Strategic Management

Kathleen Fitzgerald brings a remarkably wide array of experience as an educator and a practitioner to the classroom. She has taught courses in Investments, Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting, Money and Banking, International Finance and Financial Management.

The University of Chicago has a well-planned approach to teaching the CIMA curriculum. All of the important concepts are covered in a clear, concise format. The professors really want to make sure you understand the material and go to great lengths to provide intuition behind some of the math concepts. The class is very interactive and the faculty make themselves easily accessible throughout the class. I strongly recommend this program to anyone considering attaining the designation.

- Todd Muentzer, CIMA®, ETF Specialist

This was a great overall experience.  Kathleen does a great job presenting and reviewing the content.  It was also beneficial to connect with other students preparing for the exam.

- Jon Maldonado, Financial Advisor, UBS Financial Services

Excellent program with in depth analysis of calculation needed for course material.

- Robert Filetti, Robert Baird

 This class was far above my expectations.  This is a great value for the cost.

- Alicia Frye, Regional Business Consultant, Symmetry Partners

There are very few people that I have met that have a true depth of knowledge in their field.  Kathleen is one of them.  She is amazing in her understanding of the concepts.

- Program past participant

This workshop series is applicable to a wide range of financial professionals, including independent advisors, investment consultants, national and regional broker-dealer representatives, bank/trust employees, and investors.

In particular:

  • CIMA candidates who are preparing for the Certification Exam.
  • Those who plan to attend an approved education program and want to prepare in advance in order to get the most out of the experience.
  • Anyone who is considering CIMA certification and wants insight into the knowledge required for the exam.
  • Anyone who wants to refresh knowledge on these topics.

Online workshops will cover:

  1. Time Value of Money
  2. Statistics/Probability/Regression
  3. Investments & Investment Vehicles
  4. Calculating Returns & Measures of Risk
  5. Portfolio Theory
  6. CAPM & Asset Allocation
  7. Performance Measurement
  8. Applied Finance & Economics
  9. Behavioral Economics
  10. Portfolio Construction & Consulting Process


The in-person workshop will review:

The same content as above but in an accelerated format.  In addition, there will be many opportunities to ask content questions and apply concepts to practice problems.