Taking Courses at Booth

Seat Availability

Courses are offered on a space-available basis after Booth students have had first priority for registration. Booth students have priority for all Booth courses, so popular courses may be closed due to space limitations.

Use the resources on this page to help you plan which Booth courses to take. Below are details about restricted courses for certain student populations, courses with enrollment limitations, cancelled courses, and a seat availability report for monitoring open spaces. You are encouraged to visit this page frequently during registration in order to remain abreast of current restrictions and seat availability.

Registration Notes

  • You may not register for a closed course. Faculty members may not authorize seats to be added to a closed course. You can only be enrolled by the Booth Registrar, and only if a seat is available at the time your registration is processed.
  • Although faculty sometimes give students access to their Canvas site before enrollment is confirmed, access to course materials does not constitute registration into the course.
  • You should plan to attend week 1 of the class in which you are attempting to enroll.
  • If the course in which you are attempting to enroll is case-based and/or requires group assignments,  communicate to the instructor during week 1 that you are attempting to enroll during the registration period for non-Booth students.

Seat Availability

seat availability report is produced at the end of each phase of registration. Since enrollment activity occurs during and following the production of the report, it should only be used to rule out courses that are closed, or have very few seats left. Seat availability information on the time schedules page is also not necessarily accurate for the same reason.

Updates to the report for Summer 2018 will be made on the following dates. (Note: updates are typically published between 3-5pm (CST). Click the "refresh" button on your browser to view the most current version):

May 23, 30
June 8, 13, 18-22 (daily)

Cancelled Courses

(none as of 5/29/18)

Restricted Courses

(none as of 5/29/18)

Undergraduate-only Sections (Register through My.UChicago.edu)

N/A for Summer 2018